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Perfect Mate for 3D Printing
For makers: Stay updated on your printer's status anytime, anywhere For print farm owners: Manage dozens or even hundreds of printers at ease.
All-new 3D Printing Mate: slicing software + mobile app Seamless printer control at your fingertips!
Flash Maker
Flash Maker
FlashMaker – Your handheld solution for 3D printer management. Effortlessly control, monitor, and manage printers (by group) all in one place.
Streamlined 3D Printing Workflow
Smart Control, Boosting Efficiency
Print Preparation
Import files, complete slicing, remotely batch send files to multiple printers for printing
Monitoring & Management
Monitor and manage printers in real time, with clear location and status display.
Easy Operation
Enable one-click printing, support quick batch jobs, enhancing efficiency.
Simplify Printer Management,
Whether One or Many
Simplify Printer Management,
Whether One or Many
Cluster Management:location-based group control; remote printing;remote printing; repeated jobs can be directly processed via the history.
Stay desk-bound, with printers in control anytime.
Monitor Anytime,
No need to be tethered to your printer, Bind one or more 3D printers to view real-time updates, including print progress and material details, from anywhere.
Monitoring screen
Real time situation
Cancel at any time
Printing progress