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Brand-new Operation Interface
The newly upgraded interface not only caters to operation habits of dental users better, but also simplifies the workflow of dental model pretreatment.
Multi-machine List Control
In the case of multi-machine printing, list management can be realized, which allows users to monitor the progress of multiple print jobs in one interface at the same time, and realizes remote online operation management.
Efficient and Convenient Editing
Move and rotate in the same interface: The movement and rotation of the model can be operated in the same interface without switching back and forth, which offers more flexible operation and conforms to the operation habits of dental users.
One-click layout: It can quickly complete the layout of models, improving the space utilization rate and saving costs.
Model cutting The model can be cut according to the selected plane with one click, or can be cut freely manually. After cutting along the Z plane, the lower part of the model is automatically cut off and placed on the bottom.
Add holes to model: It provides rich parameter settings for adding holes, thus improving the model surface quality.
One-click support adding: The parameter settings of supports are simple and intuitive, and the supports can be quickly and automatically generated with one click, so that complex and delicate models can also obtain high-quality and easy-to-remove supports easily.
Parameter modification of a single support: When in the support editing interface, users can right-click to modify the parameter for a single support, enriching users' needs for editing supports.
More Powerful Functions
Custom parameters Both printing parameters (parameter customization) and support parameters (expert mode) can be customized. Parameters can also be imported and exported, and transmitted between different devices, improving data processing efficiency.
Generation of the dental model base After importing the intra-oral scanning data, one-click generation of the dental model base can be realized.
View guide The main interface has added a new view guide function. Click the auxiliary cube to quickly switch between different view states and return to the main view with one click.
Articulator adapter It provides an articulator model, which is convenient for users to directly install the matching articulator for use after finishing printing the model.
Collision detection When the model overlaps in the process of moving, the overlapping part will be displayed in red to remind users to avoid subsequent printing failure.
Software compatibility It is compatible with most major 3D modeling programs and supports files in .stl, .obj, .fpp and .3mf formats.
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