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The traditional precision casting process produces finished parts via the method of mold creation, wax pouring, and wax pattern forming. In this production mode, the small-batch production of complex parts faces problems of high cost, long cycle time and difficulty in multiple revisions of design verification. In recent years, the application of multi-jet 3D printing technology has overcome these challenges one by one, realized quick production and delivery of castings, shortened the wax pattern manufacturing cycle time from 14 days to 1 day, reduced the overall cost by 30-50% on average, and ensured the stability and consistency of quality.
WaxJet 400 has successfully assisted a large number of domestic and foreign precision casting enterprises in increasing the production efficiency and profitability, while bringing digital and intelligent changes to the structural design, process formulation and manufacturing of precision casting products.
Reduce the comprehensive cost by
Reduce the manufacturing cycle time to
Production Process
Why choose digital technology?
Moldless Manufacturing
It saves the cost of mold-making and retouching and shortens the time to market by 2/3.
Production on Demand
The personalized data, even one single piece, can also be arranged for production. The flexible production reduces the overall manufacturing cost by 20%.
High Precision
The industrial-grade printhead and 1um-grade motion control perfectly present the creativity and details.
World-leading Productivity
Output of 10KG wax patterns can be realized by a single device in a single month.
Time and Cost Comparison Between 3D Printing Process and Traditional Process
in the Development and Verification Phases
Take the impeller model (size: Φ190*50mm) as an example
WaxJet 400
Traditional Precision Casting
Solution Tools
WaxJet 400
WaxJetPrint slicing software
Material Package
Purple and white wax kit
Post-processing Package
Model cleaning kit
Analysis of a successful case -
fixed parts of stainless steel doors and windows
Project Background
Wuxi is the main production base of precision castings in the world, and also the main supply market of precision castings in China. Customer A is a well-known manufacturer of precision castings, and its castings are exported all over the world.
Demand Analysis
In September 2022, Customer A received a customized order of 60 pieces from a well-known European door and window company, which was required to be completed within 10 days. However, the traditional process takes 25 days from mold creation to wax injection to wax pattern output, which can not meet the delivery requirements of its customer.
Selling Points and Advantages of Flashforge
Threefold production efficiency + moldless manufacturing + on-demand production
A single device can print 30 pieces of wax patterns of fixed parts of doors and windows 24 hours a day. It takes ten days via wax pattern printing and precision casting, meeting the customer's delivery requirements.
Adopt the dissolvable support wax and automatic support for printing
It ensures the details and strength of the hollowed-out part after support removed.
Adopt the castable part wax, of which the casting performance is consistent with that of the traditional casting wax
Dewaxing and pouring can be done together, saving the cost due to process switching.
The wall thickness of the model is within 0.55mm, making it unable to be reproduced by compression molding
Print on demand according to the data, with perfect data protection.
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